Pure Norwegian

The white gold

In Norway there is a long tradition of breeding sheep in terms of wool, and to deal with this as a valuable resource. Since 1927 Rauma Ullvarefabrikk has refined this raw material in accordance with the strict quality standards that characterize Norwegian handicraft tradition. Rauma Ullvarefabrikk is our owner and yarn vendor.

Norwegian wool is sorted into 16 different classes and how the wool is handled and sorted is crucial for its industrial value. Through close cooperation with Norilia we get sorted out the finest Norwegian lambswool. This is characterized by very good resilience and elasticity.

We always consider the quality of wool for what it should be use to. Norwegian wool provides the ideal balance of comfort and usability.

Røros Tweed has produced high-quality wool products since 1940, based on a centuries-old local crafts tradition. All products are of NORWEGIAN WOOL and entirely - from raw wool to finished product - produced in Norway.

Rauma Garn 195 A6829 Foto Kristin Stylen

Norwegian wool with “Svane” certification

The Norwegian sheep farmers are our raw material supplier. We buy wool from Norilia, which is the Norwegian association for wool. Early 2015 Norilia was the first wool producer awarded with Svane certification. Norwegian wool meets the criteria for Cradle to Cradle. The basis for this is good animal welfare, low energy consumption, proper resources and little use of chemicals. Norilia’s wool washing supplier has developed a process where 96% of the water is cleaned and reused.